Disability Living Allowance is ending - can you apply for Personal Independence Payment instead?

If you need help with care or mobility costs, you used to get DLA. But now the Government wants you to claim a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) instead reports the Daily Mirror.

For many years, if you were disabled, you received help with the cost of your mobility or care needs in the form of Disability Living Allowance.

But this is now changing. The Government is trying to phase out DLA in favour of Personal Independence Payments.

This is what you need to know

You’re over 16 and under 68

For most working age Brits, DLA is ending.

If you are already on it, you’ll continue to receive it until you get a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions telling you to apply for a Personal Independence Payment instead.

Sounds simple? In practice, many claimants have been forced to wait as much as 13 months to receive the new benefit.

You can’t do anything about the Government’s delays, but it may help to read up about the new benefit so you know what to expect.

If you have money worries, you can speak to advisers at disability charity Scope here.

You’re 68 or older

If you were born before 8 April 1948, and you are on DLA, you will continue to receive it. You cannot claim a PIP as well.

You can only make a new claim for a PIP if you had a previous claim that ended in the past 12 months.

Otherwise, you can claim Attendance Allowance. This gives you up to £82.30 a week to help with personal care because you’re physically or mentally disabled.

It’s also a gateway benefit - successfully applying for this could boost the level of other benefits you receive.

You can claim by filling in this form or calling the helpline on 0345 605 6055 (be aware that calls cost up to 12p a minute on a landline and up to 45p a minute on a mobile).

You’re under 16

You can still make new claims for DLA for a child under the age of 16 who has difficulties walking or needs extra care. You can get up to £139.75 a week.

You will have to fill in this claim form on behalf of the child, if you are a parent, guardian or close family member. You can also call 0345 712 3456 (be aware that calls cost up to 12p a minute on a landline and up to 45p a minute on a mobile).

When your child turns 16 they will receive a letter inviting them to apply for a PIP.

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