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Channel 4 to launch 'year of disability'

Broadcaster to begin push to increase representation of disabled people, including 300,000 fund to foster new talent, at Rio Paralympics later this year

Partially blind man 'shoved and refused access to Waterloo bar because he had guide dog'

A partially sighted disability campaigner was allegedly shoved in the chest and refused entry to a bar by a bouncer because he had a guide dog reports the London Evening Standard.

Disability benefit tests have doubled in cost, says NAO

Disability benefit assessments have doubled in cost to £579m a year but targets are still being missed, the National Audit Office has said, reports BBC News.

Minimum wage 'a hurdle' for my disabled son

Over the past four years the employment rate for people with learning disabilities has declined - it currently stands at just 6%. This is despite Government work programmes to find people suitable jobs reports BBC News.

'Kylie Jenner, wow, being in a wheelchair is so fun and fashionable!'

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has angered some disabled people, by posing in a gold wheelchair for a fashion shoot.

Nepal urged to promote ‘accessible tourism’

Tourism experts have urged Nepal to tap its immense potential by promoting “accessible tourism”--the fastest growing business opportunity in the tourism industry to ensure tourist destinations, products and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age.

'Too pretty to be in a wheelchair'

Beauty blogger Sarah Wilson was told by a stranger that she was "too pretty to be in a wheelchair".

Sex-Themed Alphabet Illustrates Dating With A Disability

Scope has launched its End the Awkward campaign to encourage open discussion about dating with disability — and called on celebrated graphic artist Pâté (Paul Pateman) to help do it.

'More suicides' in government disability test areas

Nearly 600 suicides in England may be associated with the government's "fit-for-work" tests, research suggests, reports BBC News.

UN inquiry considers alleged UK disability rights violations

Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ confidential investigation into effects of coalition’s welfare cuts will not publish report until 2017