Completing a PEEP

There is a requirement to complete a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan or PEEP as it is often referred to for all disabled guests.  Do you have one in operation?  If not, you can download an example from AccessChamp.  This is only a guideline and will need to be personalised to your hotel.  For example all your wheelchair rooms may only be accessible by lift; you may have rooms adapted for deaf people.  The first thing is to personalise the PEEP to your hotel needs.

(Notes to trainer are in blue)

Equipment requiredPC, tablet, or phone, flip chart and pen to write up answers.
Number of people involvedUp to 12 people
Suitable forManagement and reception staff
Time required20 to 30 minutes or more
Time required online 2 minutes


Instruction – The first job is to see if you have a PEEP.  If you do, use this as a starting point and if you don’t download the example PEEP from AccessChamp, then watch the video.


Question – Go through the PEEP you are starting with and review it so that it meets the needs of disabled people staying in the hotel. Discuss

Answer – These are some of the points you need to consider (if you get a No to the main (first) question you need to ask yourself what are you going to do about it and then add this to the PEEP):

  1. Does your PEEP cover all types of impairment?
  2. Have you considered the situation of a disabled person in a different and perhaps unknown or strange environment, how might they react?
  3. Have you considered specifics about your hotel such as room locations, how you get to and from them, the equipment in the room to alert the resident about fire?
  4. Are there always enough night staff available to help a disabled person in the event of fire and does the PEEP make provision for this e.g. stay in room until someone calls you, you will be contacted and told the location of the fire.
  5. Do you ask disabled people if you have covered everything at the end of the PEEP?
  6. Do you collect feedback about the PEEP form from disabled guests?


Instruction – AccessChamp thinks that it is important to trial your PEEP with disabled residents and always look for improvements.


Question – How might this be done?  Discuss

Answers – Here are the thoughts of AccessChamp:

  1. Share your PEEP form with other members of the reception team and look for ideas on how it might be improved.
  2. Look at mobility, hearing and sight impairments to see if they are all covered by the PEEP?
  3. Use the revised PEEP and gain feedback from disabled people
  4. Talk to any local groups of disabled people or disabled friends and see if it would cover their needs.


Question – Do you have a notice on your reception desk about the needs of other people that might need help in an emergency and if not what are you going to do about it?  Discuss

Answer – You need a sign on your reception desk and it should say – If you have an impairment and need assistance in an emergency please let us know.  This could be printed on headed notepaper and put into a simple frame.


You can also view the video on a plain template suitable for use in a chat at