The Business Case

VisitEngland estimated the value of disabled people staying away from home as £2 billion in England alone.  This figure is set to increase dramatically as we live longer and so are more likely to experience a disability.  The business case for disability is supported by the fact that one in three people will experience a disability during their lifetime.  Here are some other facts and figures that support the business case:

  1. 75 million disabled people in Europe.
  2. 78 million disabled people and carers in USA.
  3. 18.5% of the world population is disabled.
  4. 10 million in the UK are over 65 years of age.
  5. By 2025 over a third of the population will be 55 years or more.
  6. International visitors with some form of impairment spend over 300 million per annum.

This market must increase as we all get older.  It is a fact of life that as this happens we are more likely to suffer some form of disability.  For example:

  1. 30% of us will have a disability in our lifetime.
  2. Disabled people stay longer.
  3. They are often staying away at quieter times because it is easier for them to travel.
  4. They are often accompanied by a partner or carer.  This means two dinners, higher alcohol/drinks spend, and two breakfasts.  So they spend more.
  5. 10 million people in the UK are over 65.
  6. By 2025 a third of the population will be over 55.
  7. International visitors with some form of impairment spend another £300 million.
  8. I in 3 of us will be a carer at some time in our life.
  9.  267 people out of every 100,000 will develop cancer in the UK.  It is forecast that this figure will rise dramatically in the coming years.

All these figures show that this is a huge area of growth and AccessChamp poses the question - Will this be the last profitable market segment for both hotels and conference centres?