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Boro Taxis 'will not take disabled people' in fares row

The boss of Teesside's biggest taxi company has revealed the firm will no longer transport disabled passengers following a row over pricing reports

Deaf prisoners sue, claiming rights violated

Two US prison inmates, one deaf, one hearing impaired, are suing the Kentucky corrections department, claiming that they are being discriminated against because the department is not providing the

The Wolf of Wall Street attracts new complaints from disability groups

Martin Scorsese's epic account of stock trading excess starring Leonardo DiCaprio under fire from disability-advocate organisations for mocking cerebral palsy

Police fail again on disability hate crime

Another police force has admitted failing to treat repeated, targeted, violent offences against a disabled person as disability hate crimes reports

Doubt cast over accessible transport progress report

The Disability News Service website reports that a Government progress report paints fa

Criminal law ‘could be next weapon in bus access war’

Bus-drivers who prevent wheelchair-users travelling on their vehicles are potentially committing a criminal offence and should be prosecuted, according to a disabled campaigner.

Disabled? Sorry, Christmas is CANCELLED

When Sophie Morgan wanted a night at the Ritz, she couldn't even get in through the door... but it was far from the worst culprit