How to get the best out of AccessChamp

AccessChamp will provide everything you need to train all your staff about accessibility.  Your staff will learn about the different impairments, see how important the market for disabled guests is, and can become either the AccessChamp for the hotel or the department they work in.  The whole aim is to ensure everyone at your hotel gets great customer service.

Staff can learn in two ways:

  1. Using a hotel trainer or departmental head to carry out coffee time chats.  These can be used at a short down time such as just before service or fit into planned training time.  The relevant PDF should be downloaded before the training so the trainer can read through and prepare any materials they might need such as a flip chart for a discussion.  All the video clips can be played on any wi-fi connected device such as a PC, tablet or mobile phone.  They set the scene for the training session and then lead you into the training session detailed on the PDF.
  2. Staff will also be able to work through all the videos that are relevant to them.  So someone in the restaurant can search on restaurant training.  Or you can search by disability e.g. mobility, sight and hearing.  You can then create a training path that you want to follow and recommendations are provided.  So a person in the restaurant can learn about the best place to seat a blind or deaf person and work their way through and become a departmental AccessChamp.  Or an Assistant Manager will work through all the training and become the Hotel AccessChamp, a bit like you would have a Fire Officer.  It is important that whoever is the overall AccessChamp has access to the senior management team.

AccessChamp will be updated every month so there will always be something happening.  New coffee time chats will be added and another 75 are already in the pipeline.  There will be regular polls, discussions in the Forum, newsletters and awards.  So once you have signed up make sure you come back regularly and get the most out of AccessChamp.

If you ever have any questions you can always email or phone him on 01609 775686.  He is a former Hotel GM, a Conference Organiser and has been a permanent wheelchair user for the last ten years.  He has also completed training on other disability issues and will always be happy to help.

Next Steps: 
  • Look at the business opportunity that the accessible market gives you
  • Make a note to discuss AccessChamp at next senior management meeting
  • Bookmark the website in your favourites folder
  • Subscribe to our newsletter