The Induction Video

Once you have joined AccessChamp you can watch the generic hotel induction video on how to provide great customer service for disabled guests. It is presented by Storme Toulis, actress from BBC One’s top drama series New Tricks.  It lasts just two minutes so it can be fitted into any induction programme for new starters.  It puts across key pieces of advice and answers the three key questions:

  • Why disabled people are important to this hotel by showing the size of the market.
  • Explains what disabled people are looking for when they are staying away from home.
  • Provides four points to follow that will help all hotel staff deliver great customer service to disabled guests.

This video is generic so it can be used in any hotel or hospitality location.  It can be topped and tailed as you wish so that it fits into any induction programme that you run for new starters.